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About us

LOCATION - 106 E. 3rd Street between Spring & Pine in Jamestown, NY

HOURS - 12-5 Weekdays 12-2 Saturdays CLOSED ON SUNDAYS

PHONE - 716-992-7197


Due to the COVID-19 virus, the  Jamestown Gift Shop / Video Games Plus brick and mortar store is closed for an undetermined amount of time.  The good news is that the store inventory will be gradually added to the site, so you can purchase the items here online instead! 

There was never enough time to add ALL of the Jamestown store inventory to the site before.  The temporary closure should allow for enough time to make it happen.  The goal is to make the site inventory a carbon copy of the store inventory by the end of the spring.

Check daily for regular inventory updates.

The photos below provide a better view of what the store has to offer.

Prices / deals in the downtown Jamestown store do not match online prices. 

More items are available at the store 12-5 weekdays and 12-2 Saturdays. 

If you're near Chautauqua County, New York, come check out the storefront.

NFL Mugs, Cups & Other Sports Fan Merchandise For Sale

The store has lots of used and tested Xbox 360 and other video games.

Used Xbox 360 Video Games For Sale In Downtown Jamestown New York

Send questions to or call 716-992-7197.

Shop For Flat Brimmed Snapback Baseball Cap Hats

Jamestown Gift shop is a part of Video Games Plus.

 The Video Games Plus store opened in downtown Jamestown in 2003. 

The storefront is located on East 3rd street between Spring and Pine.


 CHECK OUT THE 3 FOR $10 ROOM!  Hats, figurines, knives, jewelry, DVDs,   fidget spinners, books, music CDs and utter randomness all 3 for $9.26.