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Sell Your Classic Video Games & Retro Systems

2 Selling Options:

  1. Local residents can come to the store at 106 East 3rd Street in Jamestown, New York with photo ID and mask ON OVER BOTH YOUR MOUTH AND NOSE.  Wait a few minutes for the items to be inspected and price checked.  Present your photo ID.  Sign the seller sheet and take your money.  The store is open 12-5 weekdays.
  2. Out of town sellers can send an email to if you want a price quote.  Mail the games to Jamestown Gift Shop, 106 East 3rd Street, Jamestown, NY 14701.  If all items are in the promised condition, you will receive the amount agreed on.  You can submit a Pay Pal money request or receive a postal money order in the mail.

If any items are not in the promised condition, they can be shipped back to you AT YOUR EXPENSE.  Game disks must not have any dents, chips, cracks, warping or deep scratches that are likely to effect play.  PS3 disks must be completely scratch free.   If you aren't sure the condition is acceptable, please do not send the item.

Deductions are made for games missing artwork, manuals or cases.   Dirty or stained items may also face deductions.  You can send pictures of your items to

Electronics infested with roaches WILL BE REJECTED.


  1. Broken PS4, PS3, PS2, PS1, Xbox One, 360 and SOME portable systems.  The amount paid varies depending on how broken the system and accessories are.
  2. There are ALMOST NO MOVIES you can sell here.  PERIODICALLY, I will pay $1 or $2 for SOME movies released in the last few months.